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Have you ever tried to figure out what date it is, say, 100 days from now? Or how many days it is until Christmas? Not so easy.

Good to know there is an app for that: KalWoche+

So next time, in a meeting, when someone says I’ll give you 100 days… just open KalWoche’s date calculator, select days and turn the Digital Crown up to 100. You’ll know immediately when that deadline is.

Or when you need to count the days to the next big event… just flip the calendar to that month and tap the date. KalWoche+ shows you right there on the screen.

You can even select a date, add 12 weeks and count the days from now. Or weeks from now. All on your wrist.


  • Quickly scroll through the months using the Digital Crown
  • Tap a date to count days between today and that date
  • Add x days, weeks, months or years to today, and display resulting date and duration from today
  • Add y days, weeks, months or years to a selected date, and display resulting date and duration from today / that selected date
  • Display current weekday, date and / or week of year in a Watch face complication

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App Story

This app was conceived as a standalone Apple Watch app and so far I haven’t seen anything like it on the App Store.

The two primary goals were

  • a scrollable calendar utilising Apple Watch’s Digital Crown
  • and – probably a German thing – to display the current week number right on the Watch face as a complication.

By the way, that’s where KalWoche got its name from: a combination of the German words for calendar and week.

Integrating Tap-to-Count-Days was a nice fit: when the app is already displaying a full month in the future it’s only little extra work to count and display the days since now, but it’s a huge benefit when you don’t have to count in your head.

When that was done I thought: what if I have a certain duration I need to figure out. Like 100 days in the future. That led to Date Calc. I first experimented with a few wheel pickers but evaluating ease of use I quickly dismissed those. Using the Digital Crown for primary input was again the breakthrough towards an intuitive and quick UI that works well on Apple Watch.

Personal Information

I used to write my own apps when I was a teenager, but with university and later job, family and kids taking more and more of my time it faded out. When the pandemic hit and we were staying at home I decided to pick it up again. I bought an M1 MBP, learned SwiftUI and thought “let’s see how far I can get” with a few ideas.

Now I am still working my daytime job full time, but in the evenings and on the weekends I design, create, engineer and market my own apps. Turns out it’s not that hard to get an app on the App Store. And since I am my own boss I don’t have any deadlines to meet. I am not under pressure to come up with more features. I have the luxury to take my time to think everything through and when it’s ready I sit down and code. If I hit a roadblock I can call it a day and pick it up the next weekend. So I only release when everything is perfect.