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Ich arbeite bei BMW und habe dort den besten Job der Welt. Wenn Sie mir „beruflich“ folgen wollen: LinkedIn oder Xing. Aber erwarten Sie bitte nicht zu viel.


Mein produktivstes Hobby ist Programmieren. Meine erste App ist seit Ende Februar im App Store verfügbar: KalWoche, ein Kalender zum schnellen Durchblättern auf der Apple Watch. Seit August ist meine zweite App, App auf die Waage für iPhone und Apple Watch im App Store verfügbar.

Darüber hinaus mag ich Konzerte, Badenseen, Kochen, BBQ, unseren Apfelbaum, Chillizucht und – alle paar Jahre mal – Segeln. Hier ein paar Fotos davon.

Das Neueste

  • Localizable.strings for Body Scale Buddy (Pro)
    If you’re a native speaker of a language other than English or German maybe you could take the time to translate my Localizable.strings file? I would gladly translate yours to German in exchange. Plus you get credited in the Thanks section of the app when it goes live…
  • Chili Update KW36
    Ohne Worte.
  • SystemImageName for currencySymbol
    I wanted to adapt Christian Selig’s Locale+SFSymbol.swift to just give me the proper systemName of the SF Symbol to use with a SwiftUI Image or Label, like So here’s what I came up with: Note: requires Xcode 13 to (mostly) work properly. In Xcode 12 some locales are not returning the expected currency symbol but
  • Which Languages offer day-before-yesterday in DateFormatter.doesRelativeDateFormatting?
    DateFormatter in Swift / Foundation has an option .doesRelativeDateFormatting that will… where possible [replace] the date component of its output with a phrase—such as “today” or “tomorrow”—that indicates a relative date.  Apple Developer Documentation Seems that in Apple’s Foundation every language has a word or phrase for today and yesterday. But not all languages have
  • How Expensive is DateFormatter?
    Inspired by Sarun’s post about the price of initializing, configuring and using a DateFormatter I thought I’d do my own tests. Why? Well, two reasons: Who doesn’t care about the performance of their apps? I am using a Date –> String converting function all the time. My current implementation is this: So contrary to Sarun’s