Hello world, this is KalWoche+

Today marks the international release of KalWoche+ with three new languages: English 🇬🇧🇺🇸, French 🇫🇷 and Spanish 🇪🇸. In addition to its native language German 🇩🇪.

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So what can KalWoche+ do?

First of all KalWoche+ is a calendar that leverages Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to quickly flip through the months.

The red border â–ˇ indicates today, the blue background â–  represents the selected date.

Simple Date Calculator

Then it’s a simple date calculator: tap a date and the duration from now (â–ˇ) to then (â– ) is shown below the calendar. So next time you need to know how long to the next big event… just flip the months and tap the date. Easy!

Advanced Date Calculator

You can add days, weeks, months or years to today and let KalWoche+ tell you what date that makes.

For example 100 days after today: open KalWoche+’s DateCalc by swiping left, select days and turn the Digital Crown up to 100. KalWoche+ will tell you weekday, date and week of the year of the resulting date.

You can even select a date, add 12 weeks and count the days from now. Or weeks from now.

Watch Face Complications

There are many options for complications on your watch: chose from weekday, date and week of year to keep the information you care about right on the watch face.

KalWoche Free

There is also a free version if you want to get a feel for the flipping calendar first. It only shows the last 12 months, it has less complication options to chose from and it doesn’t have any date calculation skills. But hey, it’s free.